Crepevine - Tuna Melt

I came here off a recommendation from Twitter of all places because someone had mentioned that their favorite meal in the world was the tuna melt from Crepevine. That’s some lofty praise and after reading that Tweet, I couldn’t not try it.

I will concede that it is probably the best tuna melt I’ve had in my life but to be fair I’m also not very well versed in tuna melts. (Note: my friend that I went to Crepevine with continues to rave about Crepevine’s tuna melt to this day and he is definitely much more of a tuna melt aficionado.)

Their prices are quite reasonable and while the tuna melt was good, I will likely would order something different next time (yes, there will be a next time) given how diverse and appetizing their menu is.

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